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Health & Welfare

As the community of sport horse breeders and studbooks across the world, the health and welfare of our horses is very close to our heart.

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Supporting the production of happy

Equine Athletes

We recognise that as individual breeders and as organisations we can influence a wide range of aspects of welfare and that the breeding and support of the happy equine athlete is our ultimate aim.

We support the long term soundness and comfort of all sport horses by carefully selecting our stallions and broodmares to ensure their offspring have correct conformation and are free from genetic diseases.

By rewarding breeders who produce healthy and athletic horses of good character and temperament, studbooks promote the highest standards in horse management.

As an organisation, we support health and welfare by providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge, through webinars, seminars and workshops. On this page, you will find more information about past initiatives and up-and-coming events and opportunities.

We are also delighted to work with and support the important work of our partners across the world, including World Horse Welfare.