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The ‘International Young Breeders’ (IYB) association is comprised of members representing young people from all around the globe. IYB members themselves represent studbooks who are already WBFSH members.

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The ‘International Young Breeders’ (IYB) Association, formalised in 2009 with the introduction of a committee structure, is comprised of members representing young people from all around the globe. President Inge Madsen and Patron Jan Pederson encourage and invite all WBFSH member studbooks with an interest in supporting young breeders to get involved.

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      • International Young Breeders Logo

        About the International

        Young Breeders

        The International Young Breeders (IYB) association members are also WBFSH members, or aligned with WBFSH members, representing young people worldwide. Our mission is to foster the education of young people in the skills and knowledge necessary for successful sport horse breeding.

        A further aim of the IYB is to provide networking capacity globally between members for their young participants mainly through the provision of World Championships which are hosted every other year by various member studbooks. The aims of the World Championships are to bring young people (aged 15-25 years of age) together across countries, breeding associations, and languages to learn, compete and network.

        Making connections and friends around the globe is a very important aspect both at a human level and in achieving career success.

      • History of the International Young Breeders Association

        The International Young Breeders Association (I.Y.B.) was formed in 2009 providing a committee structure to oversee development of the association. In 2013 following a significant increase in the number of studbooks wishing to get involved, the Board of the IYB decided that a more comprehensive set of rules, including a Competition Manual and Rule Book for Organisers and a formal constitution was required both of which were developed in consultation with the member studbooks of the IYB and continue to evolve.

        The International Young Breeders (IYB) association is proud to be in the family of the WBFSH and to be supported by them.

        Current President:
        Inge Madsen (Denmark – DWB) Term: 2021 - 2025

        Previous President:
        Inken von Platen (Germany – HOLS): 2009 - 2021

        Current Vice-President:
        Lieve de Greeff (Belgium - BWP) 2015 - 2023

        Previous Vice President:
        Norman Storey (Ireland - ISH) 2009 - 2014

        Current Secretary:
        Wendy Conlon (Ireland - ISH): 2017 - 2025

        Previous Secretaries:
        Celia Clarke (United Kingdom) 2011 – 2017
        Marcel Koch (France - SF) 2009 – 2011

        Current Treasurer:
        Carolin Kathmann (Oldenburg, Germany) Term 2017 – 2023

        Previous Treasurers:
        Thomas Radel (Oldenburg, Germany) 2015 – 2017

      • History of Young Breeder Championships

        The concept of the Young Breeder Championships was born in Germany in 1997 initiated by Dr. Ludwig Christmann, deputy breeding director of the Hanoverian Breeding Society at the time, who wanted to involve the youth more intensively in breeding matters. What started informally, and developing to National Championships in Germany has since mushroomed with World Championships now hosted normally every other year by a different studbook around the globe while individual studbooks host their National Championships or selection systems in advance.

        The WBFSH International Young Breeders World Championships provide an opportunity for young persons to compete and benchmark themselves with their peers in various disciplines relevant to sport horse breeding including theory (equine reproduction; nutrition; stable management; health and sport), conformation and athleticism assessment, turnout, and in hand presentation.

        The first World Championships was held in Verden Germany in 2001 in tandem with the European Dressage Championships that year. The Belgian Warmblood Studbook hosted at Minderhout in 2003, Danish Warmblood Studbook at Aarhus 2005, Irish Sport Horse Studbook at Kildalton Agricultural College Kilkenny 2009, Selle Francais at Chazey sur Ain Horse Park near Lyon 2011, and Swedish Warmblood Studbook at Flynge National Stud 2013. A collaboration of the Hanoverian Studbook Great Britain, Warmblood Breeders Studbook UK, and Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain hosted the 2015 Championships at Hartbury College United Kingdom. The Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association hosted at Spruce Meadows in 2017, and the Austrian Warmblood Studbook at Austrian Horse Centre Stadl-Paura in 2019. 2022 Championships take place at Ermelo, The Netherlands hosted by JongKWPN.

  • Our President

    Inge Madsen

    Inge has worked as a volunteer for 25 years with the Danish Warmblood studbook fulfilling the role of chairperson of one of the seven Danish Warmblood regions initially, and also participating on the main board of the Danish Warmblood Studbook over the past ten years.

    She has coordinated and led the Danish Warmblood young breeders since 2014 finding the work both enjoyable and interesting and fun.

    Inge believes that education of young people is a very important job, and fascinating also to witness them develop and gain confidence. Inge is enthusiastic to work with all concerned toward hosting fair, inclusive and transparent World Championships.

    She is motivated to lead the Organisation, welcoming new participants, with the goal to share knowledge, learn together, test knowledge and skills in competition and encourage networking while placing the young participants at the heart of all that is done.

    Studbooks interested in joining IYB are more than welcome to make contact for further information.