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    Membership types & details

    A studbook may become a "Member" if it fulfils all the requirements as laid down in the Statutes of the WBFSH. Full members are eligible to compete at the World Breeding Championship and to appear in the WBFSH rankings for breeders and studbooks. The annual fee for a member is a minimum of €1000, plus €1 per foal registered in excess of 1000 foals per annum. Studbooks that fulfil criteria for full membership cannot apply for associate status.

    Stud books that do not fulfil all the above-mentioned requirements can join as "Associates", for an annual fee of €500. Associates can attend the General Assembly, but do not get a vote.

    Applicant studbooks are required to complete a Profile of Application Form, and to supply relevant documentation. Applications are sent to the WBFSH office (Morgane Libotte - for processing. Based on the application, the Executive Committee makes a recommendation to the WBFSH Board. The Board makes a decision that requires ratification by General Assembly.

    If you do not yet have an established studbook, WBFSH have prepared some guidelines about how to set up a sport horse studbook.

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WBFSH Members Pricing

  • Associate Membership

    • - Branded Studbook Profile Page
      (Coming Soon)
    • - Access to Webinars/Seminars
    • - General Assembly Access (no voting privileges)
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  • Full Membership

    plus €1 per foal registered in excess of 1000 foals per annum
    • - Eligible to enter the World Breeding Championships
    • - Breeder Rankings Eligibility
    • - Stubook Rankings Eligibility
    • - Branded Stubook Profile Page
      (Coming Soon)
    • - General Assembly Access (with voting privileges)
    • - Access to Webinars/Seminars
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