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  • 24-05-2022

    Biannual General Meeting for IYB Members

  • Wendy Conlon
    Wendy Conlon

    IYB Secretary

  • Although many impacts of contending with Covid-19 were negative in terms of cancellation of events, including postponement of the World Championships which had been initially planned for 2021, there have been some positive outcomes also.

    The transition to digital communication and using online meeting platforms to engage was certainly accelerated. In 2021 for the first time a meeting was convened using digital technologies, but the committee are delighted to have the opportunity to meet face to face with members during the WBFSH IYB World Championships in Ermelo on Friday July 9th.

    The BAGM provides an opportunity not only to update members on recent committee activities, but also to discuss development proposals for the forthcoming period, clarify any matters of importance for members and hear feedback, and to vote on any major decisions such as change of committee members. If any members are not attending in person it should be possible to join the meeting digitally in future so that everyone is included and able to contribute.