• 06/06/22

    WBFSH / YHS Breeding Awards Program

  • YHS


  • The WBFSH is pleased to announce its new collaboration with the Young Horse Show Series in the form of two breeding Award Programs for the 2022 Season.

    By giving recognition to the WBFSH studbooks and their breeders involved in the Young Horse Series, the WBFSH aims to draw attention to the fact that top-class horses are the result of a carefully considered breeding program over many generations.

    WBFSH President Jan Pedersen stated, "Choosing the stallion that is the best fit for a mare, is an important element to produce a good horse, but so is a good and healthy upbringing. This includes preparing young horses for the sport. The WBFSH is pleased to be associated with the Young Horse Series, which allows young horses to be exposed to a show environment in an age-appropriate manner, and which prepares them for the sport, giving them mileage, in a setting that is horse-friendly and professionally run.

    “We are extremely grateful and excited at once”, says JY Tola, founder and technical director of the series. “This collaboration represents a lot for us, it validates over 10 years of work but most importantly, it validates every single horse and breeder as well as their respective stud-books that participate in the series. We could not be happier. I would like personally thank Nadine Brandtner, Eva-Maria Broomer and Jan Pedersen at the WBFSH for making this happen”.

    WBFSH General manager Nadine Brandtner is delighted that the WBFSH is branching out beyond European borders, to support its studbooks and their breeders, "No matter where, or on what scale, breeding takes the same passion and dedication wherever you are. So it is a great opportunity to collaborate with the Young Horse Show Series in the USA.”

    The Series has several legs, with the final taking place at the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) in November every year. There are five divisions, offering classes for horses aged 2-5 years old, with loose and under-saddle classes. For the 2022 season, there will be a Breeder and Studbook Awards Program. The rules will be posted shortly on the YHS website.