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  • 30/06/2021

    WBFSH Announces Virtual General Assembly 2021

  • Nadine Brandtner
    Nadine Brandtner

    General Manager

  • Due to ongoing uncertainty and restrictions over Covid 19, the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses will hold its General Assembly again in a virtual format this year. The DSP, who had planned on hosting the event in Dresden this year, has kindly agreed to host the event in October 2022, instead.

    Says WBFSH President, Jan Pedersen:

    "It is with regret that we have made the difficult decision to hold our General Assembly again in a virtual format this year. We believe that under the current circumstances, this is the only responsible and practical course of action. We very much look forward to seeing everybody in person again in October 2022 in beautiful Dresden. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the DSP, who have very generously agreed to change their arrangements to become our 2022 WBFSH General Assembly hosts"

    With 80 member studbooks from 35 countries spread out over 5 continents, organising physical events during the pandemic has been difficult for the WBFSH who aims to ensure that its events remain accessible and safe for all members. However, offering virtual alternatives also provides interesting new opportunities.

    Says Head of the Department of Scientific Collaboration, Karina Christiansen:

    "Over the years, the WBFSH General Assembly has grown into an important event for discussion and knowledge exchange. Every year we are delighted to welcome speakers from the equestrian world, as well as academic researchers to offer our members the opportunity to find out about the latest scientific developments in important breeding related topics, such as genetic research and equine health and welfare. As we continue to step up to the challenge of Covid 19, we will be creating an interesting series of webinars that will accompany our virtual General Assembly."

    The Virtual General Assembly 2021 and WBFSH Webinar Series form part of the organisation's vision to develop its online services for members and breeding enthusiasts all over the world. Recently, the WBFSH launched a new website, wbfsh.com, which will provide a platform for visitors to access online events and information.

    Says WBFSH Vice President for Marketing, Dr Eva-Maria Broomer:

    "We are very excited to explore the possibilities opened up by our new website and digital vision. By organising online webinars, we are able to continue to offer valuable services to our member studbooks all over the world. Our aim is to provide outstanding support to the global breeding community by providing an online platform for knowledge exchange and discussion. Above all, offering our services in an online format will create better accessibility for everyone. Virtual services are therefore something we will take with us into the future, even when restrictions on international travel and physical events are fully lifted."

    While the WBFSH is looking forward to welcoming breeding enthusiasts from all over the world to enjoy the webinar series and online events surrounding this year’s virtual General Assembly, plans are underway for a return to a physical meeting in Dresden in 2022, hosted by the DSP.

    Says WBFSH General Manager, Nadine Brandtner:

    "The DSP have very generously agreed to adapt their preparations yet again, and to be the host of our first post-Covid General Assembly in 2022. Meeting each other again in person will be a great treat for everyone, and we are very excited to make this a very special occasion to remember. We are looking forward to exploring the beautiful city of Dresden on the banks of the river Elbe and to learn about Saxony’s rich equestrian history."

    Up-to-date information about the General Assembly can be found on the website under https://www.wbfsh.com/general-assembly. Anybody interested in attending the WBFSH webinars is welcome to email Nadine under nadine.brandtner@wbfsh.com to sign up for notifications and registration links.

    Photo Description:Saxons State Stud Stallions in front of Schloß Moritzburg in Saxony near Dresden, the location of the WBFSH General Assembly in 2022

    Photo credit: Sächsisches Landesgestüt