• Studbooks of the year - 2021
  • 02/11/2021

    Studbooks of the year - 2021

  • Eva-Maria Broomer
    Eva-Maria Broomer

    Vice President

  • The Annual General Assembly of the WBFSH is always a wonderful occasion to catch up with all our members from across the globe, and to celebrate the achievements of our studbooks. It is a great pleasure to announce the winners of the Studbook of the Year titles in Eventing, Showjumping and Dressage.

    2021 WBFSH Eventing Studbook of the Year: Selle Francais

    Eventing, the title went to the Selle Français Stud Book. As the hosts of the annual FEI – WBFSH World Breeding Championships for Young Event Horses at Le Lion d’Angers, France has a proud tradition of success and experience in this highly challenging discipline.

    Studbook representative Bérengère Lacroix explains:
    “This is the result of a selection done by our breeders over several decades. Already in 2016, the Selle Français performed well in the Olympic Games at Rio, and this year we were able to repeat this success in Tokyo, with our French horses achieving results that will be remembered in years to come!”

    Bérengère sees it as an important goal for the studbook to join forces with the breeders to continue to promote French breeding and its horses who win on some of the most beautiful tracks all over the world with French and international riders alike.

    “We must congratulate and encourage the breeders and riders who participate in the selection and training of all these young horses. French breeders have the knowledge and the awareness of the special requirements of Eventing, and are able to make careful selections of characteristics to help our horses succeed.”

    “Our stars of tomorrow can already be found in the young horse competitions of today. At Le Mondial du Lion we have the exciting opportunity to detect the best of the next generation and prepare the succession!”

    We warmly congratulate the Selle Francais on their much deserved success in eventing breeding, and look forward to the future generations of performance horses to come from this exciting studbook.

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    2021 WBFSH Showjumping Studbook of the Year: BWP

    In Showjumping, the leading studbook in 2021 are the Belgian Warmblood Studbook who look back on a proud tradition of many generations of successful breeding for this discipline, which has seen them consistently in a leading position in recent years. Says BWP President Jozef Bauters:

    “In a period of 5 years, twice indisputably number 1 and always in the top 4.”

    The success of the studbook stems without a doubt from its excellent mare herd, featuring some of the best damlines in the world. These mare families, famed for consistency in performance breeding, have laid the foundation for modern showjumping breeding and have made the Belgian warmblood the choice of competition riders all over the world.

    To build its global success, the BWP is proud to work with all its breeders, from the big studfarms who breed large numbers of foals every year, to the smaller hobby breeders with just one or two mares. They all contribute to making the BWP the world leading studbook it is today.

    Above all, the BWP has maintained its unique identity and character. With around 3300 foals registered every year, the studbook is a lot smaller than many of its main competitors, making its success even more remarkable.

    To lead the world in showjumping breeding, the BWP’s focus remains on quality over quantity, and on being a studbook “from, for and by the breeder” where the knowledge, expertise and skills of the breeders and evaluators come together to build world class performance breeding for the future.

    It is wonderful to see the BWP continue to thrive with outstanding showjumpers all over the world flying the flag for Belgian breeders.

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    2021 WBFSH Dressage Studbook of the Year: KWPN

    In Dressage, we are delighted to celebrate the success of the KWPN who are again leading the world in this discipline.

    Says KWPN Chairman Andries van Daalen:
    “We are proud of the KWPN breeders and the horses they bred!”

    For many years now, the KWPN has ensured that Dutch breeding leads the sport all over the world with horses that are willing to work and courageous, physically and mentally strong and bred for performances at the highest level, while being reliable, easy to handle and beautiful.

    The source of this success are years of strict mare and stallion selection is in line with clearly defined breeding goals with the ultimate focus of Grand Prix. Stallions are tested on their conformation, natural ability, health, character and rideability.

    The KWPN has great ambitions for the future and on working with its breeders to provide advice and support in making the best choices in pairing mares and stallions. Breeding is a dynamic process, it is important to look ahead and keep working towards the ultimate breeding goal of international performance horses that combine great talent for the sport with a friendly, work-willing character.

    The studbook prides itself in its dressage horses’ correct, pure, active and powerful gaits, in which balance and self-carriage come naturally.

    Above all, this is a studbook known for continuous innovation to provide valuable information and services to its members. Breeding values are calculated for sport, movement, conformation and health characteristics. A breeding value is an estimation of that genetic disposition. The conformation breeding values indicate how a stallion (or mare) passes on the various conformation aspects, the breeding values for the sport signal how a horse breeds in the dressage sport or in showjumping.

    We congratulate the KWPN on another year of much earned success, and look forward to seeing the future generations of Dutch talent at the very top of the sport.

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    Photo credit & Copyright: Dirk Caremans