• Welcome to the WBFSH


    When you are contacting our organisation, we are very often your first point of call, and we are always delighted to receive your calls and emails. Based in the Danish Warmblood Studbook offices at the beautiful Vilhelmsborg Manor, we handle the administration of the WBFSH and regularly correspond with our many members across the world. Together with the hosting studbook and our General Manager Nadine Brandtner, we are the organising team behind our biggest event of the year, the WBFSH General Assembly.

    The Secretariat is managed by Karina Christiansen who also heads up the Department of Scientific Collaboration. She is supported by Christine Prip.

    Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I am Christine Prip, and I work with Karina here in the offices of the Danish Warmblood Studbook at Vilhelmsborg Manor where I am a project coordinator, primarily handling stallion and mare gradings. In my spare time I am a dressage rider competing at S-level, and also a dressage judge at Grand Prix level. For the WBFSH, you will know me from many of our communications, such as our newsletters and information emails. I am passionate about creating more awareness about our organisation and enjoy interacting with breeders and studbooks from all over the world.

  • WBFSH Secretariats

    Christine Prip (Left) & Karina Christiansen


    Vilhelmsborg Manor