• Diarado (c) Hippo Foto
  • 10-11-2023

    The Sires of the Year are known!

  • Morgane Libotte
    Morgane Libotte

    WBFSH Office/Press

  • We are delighted to announce the 2023 WBFSH Stallions of the year.

    Like father, like son – and grandson


    After oscillating between the first and second place over the past four years, the KWPN stallion Johnson (Jazz x Flemmingh) confirmed his leading position in 2023, with an impressive total of 31,541 points. At the second place comes Zack (Rousseau x Jazz), aka Blue Hors Zack, pursuing his ascent among the world’s best sires and who traded his 6th place from 2022 for the second place of the 2023 Dressage Sire Ranking with 23,001 points. Jazz (Cocktail x Ulster), Johnson’s sire and Zack’s grandsire, who is no stranger to leading these rankings, reclaimed his spot in the top 3 this year, securing the third place in the Sire Ranking with 21,929 points after briefly dropping to the 5th position in 2022. It is needless to say that the genetics game is indeed strong here! The rest of the top 10 remains quite similar to last year’s, with the exception of Fidertanz (Fidermark x Ravallo) and Sandro Hit (Sandro Song x Ramino), respectively taking 11th and 13th place, making way for Ampere (Rousseau x Flemmingh) and Apache (UB 40 x Krack C) to secure 5th and 8th places.

    Diamant de Semilly, shining bright in the first place again


    After maintaining the top position since 2017, the son of Chambertin, the incredible MECKL stallion Chacco-Blue (Chambertin x Contender) was dethroned by the equally amazing Selle Français, Diamant de Semilly (Le Tot de Semilly x Elf III). Since his last 1st place achievement back in 2016, Diamant de Semilly has been close on Chacco-Blue’s heels every year and finally surpassed him thanks to his 26,077 points obtained this year. With a narrow margin of only 77 points less, Chacco-Blue is far from being outdone and takes the second place of the podium of the Jumping Sires of the Year. A neck and neck race for the Sire of the Year title that will undoubtedly extend to 2024! The KWPN stallion Kannan (Voltaire x Nimmerdor) claimed his way back to the top three with a total of 22,013 points, up from the 4th position he was at back in 2022. Few changes regarding the rest of the top-10 Sires, except from the significant comeback of the stallion Comme Il Faut (Cornet Obolensky x Ramiro), gaining 6 places from his 16th position in 2022.

    Diarado still leading the Eventing Sire Ranking


    For the second consecutive year, the Holsteiner stallion Diarado (Diamant de Semilly x Corrado I) claims the top spot in the Sire Ranking for the Eventing discipline amassing 1,662 points. The son of Diamant de Semilly – winner of the Jumping Sire Ranking and number 10 in the Eventing Sire Ranking – has consistently secured a place within the Sire Ranking's top 3 since 2020. Meanwhile the Oldenburg stallion Obos Quality 004 (Quick Star x Domino) and the Trakehner Grafenstolz (Polarion TSF x Camelot) switched their 2022’s places, ranking now respectively at the second and third place, with 1,138 and 1,091 points. With the exception of Jaguar Mail (Hand in Glove xx x Laudanum xx), maintaining his 4th place in the ranking, and Kannan making a notable jump from 9th to 5th position, the remainder of the Eventing top-10 has undergone significant reshuffling. The stallion Zavall VDL (Casall x Emilion) made an extraordinary leap from 53rd place to 6th place. Puissance (Imperius xx x Diamonds are Trumps) now occupies the 8th place of the ranking, a remarkable ascent from his 34th place in 2022. Another noteworthy rise in the ranking is Upsilon’s (Canturo x Fusain du Defey x) with a 9th place this year, up from the 38th position in 2022.

    It is no secret that thoughtful stallion selection lays the foundation for a legacy of athletic excellence, fostering a lineage of horses that not only perform at the highest levels but also carry forward the genetic “roadmap for success”. These stallions yet again proved their talents, through their progeny this time. It only remains for us to congratulate them and the talented generations to come, that will also pass on their legacy when the time comes.