• SOI Report 2023
  • 14-09-2023

    State of the Industry Report - replay available

  • Morgane Libotte
    Morgane Libotte

    WBFSH Office/Press

  • The State of Industry Report Webinar was a success, thank you for joining us!

    We would like to thank all of the people that attended this tremendously interesting SOI webinar prepared and presented by Renai Hart, Katy Holder-Vale, Kaasandra Chee and Nadine Brandtner.

    We are grateful for all the people that joined us in the hope of making a better future for all those involved in the Horse Industry!

    We would like to extend our gratitude toward our speakers for sharing their expertise, insights and experiences with us. We hope to have the opportunity to host similar events in the near future and continue our collective pursuit of knowledge and welfare improvements!

    In case you missed this webinar, the replay is now available on our YouTube channel.