• Global Champions Trophy 2023
  • 26-04-2024

    Details pertaining to the 2024 edition of the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy

  • Nadine Brandtner
    Nadine Brandtner

    General Manager

  • This year's WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy will be open to more horses, with team and individual classifications.

    The following classes will be available as part of the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy:

    • CSIYH 1* – 5 Year Olds* (1.25m)
    • CSIYH 1* – 6 Year Olds (1.35m)
    • CSIYH 2* – 7 Year Olds (1.40m)
    • CSIYH 2* – 8 Year Olds (1.45m)
    • CSI 2* – Stallions 9 years old and older (1.45m)

    * Horses in the age group of 5YO cannot enter the competition if they competed in the FEI-WBFSH Jumping World Breeding Championships in Lanaken, Belgium.

    • Studbooks can enter 1 Team per category with a minimum of 3 horses and a maximum of 6 horses.
    • Riders may compete for more than one studbook, but may only represent one studbook in any one category
    • Each Rider can compete with a maximum of 2 horses from the same studbook per category, except in the Final, where 3 horses must compete with 3 different riders.
    • Change of the rider during the event is not allowed; horses must compete in the 3 competitions with the same rider.
    • Individual Horses: Should small studbooks not be able to field a full team, they can select a maximum of 2 horses per category to compete for the individual classification in the same classes as the teams (First and Second Qualifiers). These horses will not compete in the Final, but in the Consolation Final. Individual horses are subject to studbook selections, as applicable for team horses.

    Studbooks are required to submit their entries in principle by no later than Thursday 30th May 2024

    Studbooks selections for horses are studbook specific & will be held between June & September. Contact your studbook to find out when their selections are.

    A notification will be issued when the FEI schedule has been published.

    Further additions to the Event:

    Simultaneously to the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy, a series of CSI2* classes will take place. These classes are not part of the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy and are therefore not subject to studbook selections.  

    • CSI2* Small Tour (1.35m)    
    • CSI2* Medium Tour (1.40m) 
    • CSI2* Big Tour (1.45m) (qualifier for the GP) 
    • CSI2* GRAND PRIX  Big Tour (1.45m)