• 7th International Workshop on Linear Profiling
  • 11/01/2023

    7th International Workshop on Linear Profiling

  • Nadine Brandtner
    Nadine Brandtner

    General Manager

  • Diarise the 29th & 30th of March 2023, because the 7th International Workshop on Linear Profiling in the Warmblood Horse is taking place in Grebin / Plön (GER), with a focus on practical linear description of gaits in horses of different ages, and on technologies which could supplement linear profiling applications for sport horses.

    This workshop is spearheaded by the EAAP Horse Committee and the International Working Group on Linear Profiling, and supported by the WBFSH illustrating the joint interest in promoting linear profiling in the horse. It gives the opportunity to learn more about refined characterisation of gaits using linear description in both practice and theory, and including genetic and genomic evaluation. It is useful to anyone who evaluates horses of different ages in a breeding context, and wants to practice linear description together with colleagues from other countries. Furthermore, participants gain insight into how technologies for equine gait analysis can be used in the field, and what this means for research and practical applications in sport horses.

    Sign up by 3rd February 2023 to benefit from the Early Bird Special. Invitation and Registration form can be downloaded here (link to PDF).