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    Development Department

    Recently, the Department of Development has received a broadened mandate to support all studbooks and members in carrying out initiatives to aid industry development and provide member services. This reflects the long-term strategic plan of the WBFSH and will allow the team to continue to foster new cooperative initiatives amongst and on behalf of our members, while broadening the scope to support the interests and development of sport horse breeding in general.

    Our aims are to facilitate collaboration and exchange of knowledge, to develop our services to our members, and to strengthen the position of breeding in the equine industry.

    If you would like to find out more about the work of the Department of Development and world like to learn how you can get involved, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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  • Katy Holder-Vale
  • Katy Holder-Vale

    I am Katy Holder-Vale, executive director of the Department of Development. I am a breeder myself, and have been active in the breeding industry for more than 40 years, with a strong involvement in the Hanoverian breed. As an accredited judge for the German Hanoverian Horse Society, including Stallion Licensing, Mare Performance Test/Grading, and a British Hanoverian Horse Society committee member for more than 20 years, I represents British views on Hannover International. Being a senior evaluator with the British Breeding Futurity program allows me to engage with breeders across all the British studbooks. This background stands me in good stead to assist the WBFSH studbooks to represent their views and help the development of the industry through collaboration of the studbooks.

  • Edward Kendall
  • Renai Hart

    Welcome to the Department of Development. I am Renai Hart. As a passionate breeder and rider, my involvement with Dressage in New Zealand has been extensive. I held positions such as Vice President and Show Secretary for many years with Dressage Waitemata, as well as being Chairman of the New Zealand Hanoverian Society. I am now focusing on building my stud River Park Farm where, amongst a select group of brood mares, we stand 2 imported breeding stallions: Swarovski (OLDBG by Sandro Hit x Don Gregory), and Limonit (HANN by Lancier x Weltadel). The well-known Hanoverian stallion Worldly (HANN by Weltmeyer x Brentano II) also stood with us. I am pleased to be able to represent the perspective of non-European studbooks and breeders from the Southern Hemisphere, and aid in the collaboration of our members on a global level.