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      • Welcome to the WBFSH

        Breeding Department

        We are a very vibrant department overseeing a range of projects that support the breeding of the best sport horses, one of the key objectives of our organisation.

        We are delighted to lead initiatives for breeding development and to safeguard the industry through use of “Good Breeding Practice”, which will give us an opportunity to share knowledge and to recognise excellence in our member studbooks through our prestigious Quality Label. You can find out more about the Good Breeding Practice project here.

        Creating and maintaining trust in the industry is vital for its long term success. Together with our working group of studbook representatives and stallion owners we are developing a new Implementation Tool for Traceability of Genetic Material that will create transparency and consistency.

        Many of our member studbooks also know us as the team behind WHIRDEC, which we run in close collaboration with the IFCE. You can find out more about this important initiative here.

      • Bérengère Lacroix

        Bérengère Lacroix

        I am Bérengère Lacroix and I have been working with the WBFSH since 2008. In my time with the organisation I have been working with one of its founding fathers and honorary members, Xavier Guibert, on many groundbreaking projects, such as the creation of the UELN and in WHIRDEC. As studbook director of the Selle Français and prior to that in 10 years of working for the IFCE, I have gained a lot of industry experience. I am passionate about bringing together all the different agencies involved in the breeding industry, from studbooks to regulatory bodies, to help us cooperate in leading breeding into the future.

      • Armand Perron-Pette

        Armand Perron-Pette

        I am Armand Perron-Pette, Vice President of the WBFSH Department of Breeding. I am a passionate amateur rider and owner of top-level 5* show jumping, eventing and vaulting horses under the HDC affix. I founded the Haras des Coudrettes with my wife in 2005, and have been a breeder and stallion owner for over 10 years. In defending the values of transparency, integrity and performance, I wish to put my humble experience of the inner workings of international competitions at the service of the WBFSH, to contribute to the recognition of breeders and their work.