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  • 09/11/2020

    Vigado is the Holsteiner champion stallion

  • Thomas Bach Jensen
    Thomas Bach Jensen


  • At the 50th Holsteiner stallion licensing on 28-31 October 2020 18 stallions were approved and five of them were celebrated in the premium ring

    First and foremost the expressive champion stallion, Vigado by Vigo d’Arsouilles-Quo Vados I bred by the Witt family of Wellinghusen. Breed director and executive director Dr.Thomas Nissen emphasized that the dark chestnut had already been standing out as an exceptional horse during the pre-selections. “What is more, he has undergone a tremendous development since then.” The free jumping performance of this representative of mare family 776, a stem used to success, had also drawn applause. The champion described as “a blood horse with great athleticism and tremendous potential” by Dr.Thomas Nissen is to stay with the Holsteiner Verband.Carmarino by Carbol-Clarimo from the still relatively young mare family 7709 bred and owned by Manfred von Allwörden, Grönwohld, was proclaimed the first reserve champion stallion. This maternal half brother to Chopin son Chinchero, the von Allwöhrden-bred 2019 reserve champion stallion, will be put to stud there as well. “In addition to his jumping qualities, this stallion line bred on Caretino also demonstrates exceptional movement”, according to the breed director.

    Second reserve champion is to stay in Holstein

    A Cornet Obolensky-Cash and Carry offspring was named second reserve champion by the committee: Cortado, a dark bay from mare family 162, bred by Karola Boley, Lutzhorn, put up one of the most solid performances of the entire event. Once again prove that success in breeding often relies on thoroughly-bred damlines. “Following fashion fads in breeding will not lead to lasting success”, Dr. Thomas Nissen is certain. The second reserve champion Cortado sold for 144,000 euros– he will be reserve champion Carmarino’s stable mate at Manfred von Allwörden’s Gröhnwohldhof. Also premium graded are Cornet i Cord by Cornet Obolensky-Acord II (Jörg Kröger, Quickborn) from stem 18A1 and Diarado-Caretino son Dorchadas (Sören von Rönne, Neuendeich), mare family 6688.

    Premium stallions

    No. 66 Vigado by Vigo d'Arsouilles/Quo Vados I/Cash and Carry/776 - champion stallion
    No. 08 Carmarino by Carbol Clarimo/Cassini I/7709
    No. 33 Cortardo by Cornet Obolensky/Cash and Carry/La Zarras/162
    No. 35 Cornet i Cord by Cornet Obolensky/Acord II/Silvester/18A1
    No. 40 Dorchadas by Diarado/Caretino/Silvester/6688

    Further licensed stallions

    No. 10 Cavitoby by Casall/Carthago/Lavall I/2666
    No. 12 Casarimo by Casall/Clarimo/Landos/4510
    No. 17 Casolo by Casall/Contender/Lord/741
    No. 23 Catchmo by Catch/For Fashion/Cascavelle/4294
    No. 34 Cocafino by Cornet Obolensky/Carthago/Corofino I/7299
    No. 36 Cornefino by Cornet Obolensky/Casall/Corofino I/1298
    No. 38 Donrato by Diamant de Semilly/Caretino/Quinar/3401
    No. 41 Diadoro by Diarado/Casall/Cassini II/104A
    No. 42 Dilaro by Dinken/Casall/Esteban xx/3389
    No. 44 Domirado by Dominator Z/Clarimo/Corrado I/1695
    No. 55 On the rocks by Ogano/Cassini I/Caretino/8774
    No. 61 Steeven by Stakkato Gold/Acodetto/Exorbitant xx/844
    No. 69 Zanzano by Zirocco/Blue Quidam de Revel/Coriano/7369