• The SOI Report
  • 08/08/2022

    Department of Development holds two webinars for the state of the industry report

  • Eva-Maria Broomer
    Eva-Maria Broomer

    Vice President

  • To welcome our members, breeders and breeding enthusiasts from all over the world, we are organising two sessions, which will take place on:
    Monday 22nd August 18h00 CEST and Tuesday 23rd August 09h00 CEST.

    The State of the industry (SOI) Report - What is it? How to use it? How to improve it?

    The new WBFSH State of the Industry Report is a highly ambitious project, aiming to take the pulse of the global breeding industry, analysing data and evidence from all over the world to provide insights into the current situation and future trends of sport horse breeding.

    Our webinars offer you the opportunity to delve deeper into the report’s findings and methodologies in direct conversation with its creators. You will hear more about some of the challenges encountered as the report breaks new ground in data gathering and analysis across a very diverse and in many places fragmented industry.

    Above all you are welcome to ask questions, give your feedback and look ahead to how the report can be developed in future to offer a valuable source of information and tool for everyone interested in sport horse breeding.

    The main presenters will be Chris Gould and Edward Kendall who oversaw the concept and execution of the very first report during their time as WBFSH Vice President and Executive Committee Member for the Department of Development. WBFSH Vice President Renai Hart will conclude the session with a look ahead to the second edition of the report, which is currently being developed by her department.

    We hope many of our members, breeders and breeding enthusiasts, as well as riders and national federations will be excited about this great opportunity to reflect further on the findings of the State of the Industry Report and to play a part in its ongoing development, through what is promising to be an stimulating webinar and discussion session.

    Registrations are open from today until 17th August 2022!

    To facilitate a vibrant discussion, spaces will be limited. To avoid disappointment, sign up here

    About the presenters:

    • As the founding Chairman of the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association, for which he is currently Director of Communications, Chris Gould has been involved with the WBFSH since 1995, first as a delegate, then for many years as Vice President of the organisation, during which time he introduced many key initiatives that offered member studbooks of all sizes and from all over the world the opportunity to engage with the organisation and the key challenges faced by our industry.

      Chris is an active breeder, and has so far produced eight licensed or approved stallions, as well as horses that competed at FEI level in all three Olympic disciplines and driving. His perspective as a breeder and representative of a non-European studbook has given him an insight into the importance of fostering international cooperation and mutual support, and to ensure better opportunities are created for all. The State of the Industry Report very much represents this spirit and was conceived by Chris to offer a forward-looking resource for everyone interested in the breeding industry and its development in decades to come.

    • Edward Kendall combined his work on the report with a busy day job as Professor of Medicine at Memorial University. His academic background offered a highly valuable experience in creating a rigorous data collection and analysis framework for the report. One of his key interests lies in the development of wider visibility and awareness of the breeding industry through publishing value-adding analysis of pan-industry data. His volunteer work with various equestrian organizations has spanned nearly five decades, and provided in-depth insights into the business. Edward is a past president of Equestrian Canada (EC).

    • Renai Hart is a passionate breeder and rider whose involvement with Dressage in New Zealand has been extensive. She has held positions such as Vice President and Show Secretary for many years with Dressage Waitemata, as well as being Chairman of the New Zealand Hanoverian Society. She is now focusing on building her stud River Park Farm where, amongst a select group of brood mares, she stands 2 imported breeding stallions: Swarovski (OLDBG by Sandro Hit x Don Gregory), and Limonit (HANN by Lancier x Weltadel). The well-known Hanoverian stallion Worldly (HANN by Weltmeyer x Brentano II) also stood with her stud. Renai continues to represent the inclusive global spirit of the report by bringing the perspective of non-European studbooks and breeders from the Southern Hemisphere, fostering the collaboration of WBFSH members on a global level.