• 05/07/2022

    SOI Report - Editorial in WBN and Summer Student Position

  • Nadine Brandtner
    Nadine Brandtner

    General Manager

  • We were pleased when honorary member of the WBFSH, and one of the people involved in the development of the WBFSH from the very start, Xavier Libbrecht shared an insightful editorial on the Department of Development’s State of the Industry Report, in the latest edition of World Breeding News, and the summer student position that is currently open for applications.

    • "A wonderful opportunity has become available within our Department of Development for an enthusiastic summer student. Our ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills with the ability to collate and analyze data, having a good understanding of research and data extraction, a good understanding of written and verbal English language, and knowledge of the horse industry".

    This is the text of a classified ad offering a job, a summer student position, in the Department of Development directed by WBFSH Vice President Renai Hart, to collect data towards their next State of the Industry Report. The inaugural edition was published this year by Chris Gould and Edward Kendall assisted by Carolin Kathmann, who was indeed the first student to collaborate in the production of this essential report. It was published by World Breeding News in its entirety in our April edition, under the authors’ insightful title: 'The Sport Horse Industry 2021: Laying the Groundwork'.

    With caution, not to say humility, Gould and Kendall indicated in their preface the difficulties of identifying the sources of adequate information, and consequently the limits of this first investigation. "This Report was conceived to provide those involved in the horse industry with a snapshot of the recent past. In doing so the authors had hoped to identify sources of information that would inform business decisions and government regulations. We discovered that information is siloed, within the various sub-sectors and, that almost no effort is made to develop a big picture. In spite of this they consider that such an endeavour, such a tool, is more than a necessity for the global community of sport horse breeders gathered by the WBFSH: it is a responsibility."

    Chris Gould and Edward Kendall's vision for this project, was for it to provide breed associations, sport organizations, and regulatory bodies a high-level perspective on the sport horse industry. But the report will also be of interest to individuals and organisations outside of the horse industry who wish to gain more understanding of the sector. And for those outside our industry to gain understanding of what we do, is part of the duty to safeguard our industry. The WBFSH studbooks may use the report and its information for developing programs that will help breeders understand the marketplace. And most importantly, Gould and Kendall felt a report of this nature not only monitors the status quo, but also to identify emerging challenges.

    The task is immense and the means to accomplish it are still limited. We simply need more resources, and that is why we're looking to recruit the energy and motivation of a young analytical mind seeking to get involved in the industry. Such minds represent the future of our industry, and a collaboration with the WBFSH will allow them to contribute collectively towards the WBFSH and its brand image. Xavier Libbrecht feels strongly about this in his editorial.

    The WBFSH therefore encourages interested students from across the globe, with a suitable background to apply. A deeper understanding of the horse industry is vital, but knowledge in economics, statistics or marketing will also stand them in good stead.

    The WBFSH anticipates that this growing report will be of interest to any of the major operators in the horse sector – be they from the area of sport, breeding or science. Anyone that pursues the same development objectives as the WBFSH studbooks and breeders may be interested in the results and analyses resulting from this annual survey.

    Through collaboration we will be able to safeguard the future of our industry!