• 92 KWPN Approved Stallions
  • 08/02/2021

    92 approved stallions at KWPN licensing

  • Thomas Bach Jensen
    Thomas Bach Jensen


  • True to tradition, the Dutch studbook KWPN held their yearly stallion licensing in the Brabanthallen in’s-Hertogenbosch, but this year without any spectators. 48 jumping stallions and 44 dressage stallions were approved, and a total of 11 were named premium stallions

    The licensing committee for jumpers, Cor Loeffen, Henk van den Broek and Arie Hamoen approved 48 jumping stallions out of which six were proclaimed premium stallions.

    Premium stallions – jumping:

    A La Minute Z by A La Carte/ Libero H – bred by Jacoba Stud
    Niwyruso H by Baltic VDL/ Corland – bred by A.J. Hazenberg
    Nouri W by Cohinoor VDL/ Carrera VDL – bred by K.J. van Weperen
    Night Life VDL by Erco van 't Roosakker/ Arezzo VDL – bred by VDL Stud
    Nirvana V&V by Farfan M/ Fuego Du Prelet – bred by H. Voort
    Saltador ter Putte by For Pleasure/ Diamant de Semilly – bred by Familie de Maertelaere/Stal van de Zuidakker

    44 dressage stallions were approved by the licensing committee that consists of Bert Rutten, Marian Dorresteijn and Johan Hamminga. Five dressage stallions were awarded premium.

    Premium stallions – dressage:

    Nirvano by For Ferrero/ Charmeur – bred by G. Strik
    Next Pitch US by Geniaal/ Blue Hors Hotline – bred by Unlimited Stables
    Nirvana by Governor/ Vivaldi – bred by Ad Valk
    Nobel Prins by Indian Rock/ Wynton – bred by T.M. Borneman
    Nucturn by Jarville/ Prestige VDL – bred by Willy van der Aa