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  • 25/10/2020

    14 Hanoverian premium stallions

  • Thomas Bach Jensen
    Thomas Bach Jensen


  • At the Hanoverian stallion licensing on 20-24 October nothing less than 41 stallions were approved; 16 jumping stallions and 25 dressage stallions

    Due to COVID-19 the German Hannoveraner Verband divided their stallion licensing into two seperate sections where the judges saw all the jumping stallions and finished their licensing procedure befores the dressage stallions arrived to go through their licensing procedure.

    At the Hanoverian stallion licensing nothing less than 16 jumping stallions and 25 dressage stallions were approved, and six jumping stallions as well as eight dressage stallion were award premium.

    Among the dressage stallions at auction the No. 34 by Benicio/Scuderia fetched 380,000 EUR. Highest price among the jumping stallions was 64,000 EUR paid for No. 16 by Grey Top/Stolzenberg.

    Premium jumping stallions

    Cat.No. 02 by Alaba/Monti Obolensky
    Cat.No. 07 by Chacoon Blue/Balou du Rouet
    Cat.No. 14 by Diarado/Sampras
    Cat.No. 16 by Grey Top/Stolzenberg
    Cat.No. 29 by Zinedream/Stolzenberg
    Cat.No. 30 by Zirocco Blue/Cornet Obolensky

    Premium dressage stallions

    Cat.No. 34 by Benicio/ Scuderia
    Cat.No. 37 by Bon Coeur/ Fürst Nymphenburg
    Cat.No. 52 by D'Avie/Desperados
    Cat.No. 62 by Revolution/Donnerschwee
    Cat.No. 63 by Secret/Belissimo M
    Cat.No. 66 by Secret/Stedinger
    Cat.No. 68 by Sezuan/Sir Donnerhall I
    No. 76 by Zoom/Waterford