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SWB Stallion Test 2013

The Swedish Warmblood (ASVH) held their annual evaluation of stallions in late February. As many as 22 stallions were approved

Jumping champion Armani Code.
d. 04-03-2013 - 10:49

Divided in groups by age and discipline the stallions were assessed by the stallion committee lead by Christina Olsson. Fewer in numbers but on average of good quality 45 stallions entered the eight-day long test.

As many as 22 stallions were approved, this may seem a lot but within these numbers you find several in the pre-qualified category. The pre-qualified have been approved and done performance tests in other breeding associations mainly DWB, KWPN and through the German system, in SWB they are evaluated from a veterinary point of view as well as basic conformation and gaits in hand.

The test is built in two phases for the 4-5 year-old stallions where the committee selects a few to continue into phase II. They have a discussion with a few stallion owners about a handful of stallions and then dismiss a larger contingent that does not fulfil the requirements regarding pedigree, conformation, gaits and talent.

It is generally known and shown in the regulations that it is hard receive approval of the 3-year-olds, the demands are higher and the breeding permission last a year then the stallion need to prove himself again. Nine 3-year-olds went into the test, two were scratched early on and two received approval.  Certus NL (SWB) 1257 is the first shown offspring to Zuidenwind 1187 (00 Seven-Jazz), a dark elegant mover with lovely temperament and light-footed elastic trot, he scored 9 for his trot and 8,5 for a very balanced rhythmical canter. He is bred and owned by Bengt Nilsson from southern Sweden. Diarado offspring make great success everywhere and Diador with dam sire Polydor was no exception. The cool and energetic stallion scored 8,5 on jumping traits, ability and capacity. He is owned by rider Magnus Österlund, a well-known face at the Swedish stallion test as he usually shows quite a few horses.

The four-year-olds had a king from day one when shown in hand and that was Armani Code that struck out with noble modern type in a dark chestnut elegant package. A son of Armitage with good gaits and looks to show for it. In the first jumping session many stallions spooked around a specific fence but not this one. Owned by Schockemöhle and shown by his Swedish manager Helena Torstensson he went from favourite to winner in a few days. He actually scored 9,5 from both test riders and received a total score of 9,3 for jumping ability.

The dressage stallions were more of an even field from the start with very diverse stallions in type and pedigree from the two SWB-born stallions Gustav and Sankt Erik II to german bred Lynch Bages and Edison O from KWPN. As many times before the test riders, this year Theo Hanzon and Hella Kuntz, made the differences appear clear. The Johnson-Welmeyer son Sankt Erik II well shown by Ida-Linn Lundholm, bred by Åke Nyberg and owned by the family Stömqvist of Forty Invest AB was the only stallion given a 10. This came form Theo Hanzon who was delighted with the red chestnut and Hella wasn’t of a very different opinion, she gave him a 9.


List of all approved stallions with scores and verbal assessment (in Swedish)

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