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KWPN: New stallions with OC-index

Additional stallions have received their OCD-index, several of the biggest hits show a tendency towards inheriting OCD

Bretton Woods og Emmelie Scholtens.
d. 18-02-2013 - 14:40

In 2012 KWPN published the first set of stallions where the new system to gather information about OC, ostechondrosis, was applied. The system is built on randomly selected foals, x-rayed when 11-14 months old and then the total picture for each stallion is made into an index, OC-index. The index is has a medium of 100, a lower value indicates that x-rayed foals have displayed OC-findings – a higher value that less or no findings have been documented. Each index comes with a percentage of certainty; reliability of the index, the KWPN doesn’t publish any findings until that figure is above 55%.
The index is published for the younger stallions and will not be applied retroactively for the established elders or exported stallions.
OC is a complex condition, around a fourth of all cases occur due to heritability – three fourths is due to things like feeding, mobility, stabling management in other words environmental factors. However selective breeding has a cumulative effect – each generation improves whereas feed and exercise must be applied individually. OC is a very expensive condition as it leaves the breeder with a total loss of his product or  damaged goods that cannot be expected to sell for nearly as much as required.
In the past KWPN has approved a few stallions with a remark for OCD themselves. Most famous examples are perhaps Bretton Woods (born 2006 by Johnson-De Niro) and Bordeaux (born 2006 by United – Gribaldi). Bordeaux has according to KWPN a an OC-remark, class C, on his right hind leg hock, however when vetted for SWB he is found to be clear, an example of how difficult and confusing OC is even to the veterinarian at times. Bretton Woods has a class C remark on right hind leg hock and stifle.
Both stallions have received their OC-index, showing a tendency towards either inheriting OC or on the contrary a viable choice when trying to stay clear in your own breeding.
Bretton Woods has an OC-index of 96, with a reliability of 63%, 96 may not seem much but it is a clear indication towards heritability in OC. Bordeaux has an OC-index of 101, 64% reliability, which means he neither improves the status nor burdens his offspring with heritable OC.
Ampère (born 2005 by Rousseau- Flemmingh) has received an index of 103 with 65 % reliability. His index is leaning more towards improving the status of his offspring.
If you look for the same improvement on the jumper side Arezzo VDL (born 2005 by Chin Chin-Heartbreaker) has an index of 107/64% as well as Boss (born 2006 by Indoctro-Nimmerdor) with 107/66%. The stallions Quality Time (born 2002 by Quantum-Cantus) has 90/62% and Singapore (born 2003 by Acorado-Cantus) has 92/62%.
To date 24 dressage and 32 jumper stallions has received their index. The information is available to KWPN members only.