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On this site you will find the latest news from all WBFSH members. With this service we aim to provide you with a broad insight into the worldwide sport horse breeding scene with relevant information and photos.

We feature stallion licensings, elite mare shows, foal championships, riding championships for young horses as well as we feature title winners such as Stallion of the Year and Breeder of the Year in the respective studbooks.

All news items are listed in the archives by calendar year in the menu bar on the left hand side whilst the most recent of news are listed below.

We hope you will enjoy the site and return regularly for an update on the latest breeding news.

Minutes from latest WBFSH x-ray harmonization meeting
21-01-2016 - 09:20

On November 12th 2015 a group of x-ray vets met to finalize the set of harmonization rules regarding radiogrphic findings on horses.

General Assembly and seminars 2016
20-01-2016 - 15:03

In 2016 our annual meetings will be held in Geneva, Switzerland. Find the dates and a program in outlines

Vacancy for a post as WBFSH Project Manager
18-01-2016 - 14:42

The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) advertises for a position as Project Manager in the organisation 

Anni Lahti employed by the KWPN
15-01-2016 - 08:40

As of the 1st of March Anni Lahti will take on the position of Account Manager Export Promotion at KWPN. Anni was born and raised in Finland and has a Master's degree in Architecture

A very special broodmare has passed
15-01-2016 - 08:36

In consequence of severe colic one of the most influential Oldenburger mares has been put down at the age of 26

Newsletter from European Horse Network
13-01-2016 - 08:38

The WBFSH works together with European Horse Network on different issues. A new newsletter has reached us.

Hungarian Breeders’ Weekend
07-01-2016 - 15:27

Hungarian Sporthorse Breeders’ Association will be hosting the HSH Stallion Selection and Sporthorses Sale Presentation at the National Riding School in Budapest on 19-21 February